12 Days of Decorating

1. Residential

We undertake all aspects of residential decorating, whether it’s one room or a whole house that needs to be decorated. We can work to cause minimal disruption and are flexible in our approach. Prior to any project starting, we discuss each customer's requirements in detail, to build a clear picture of want they want to achieve. We focus on using the best quality products ensuring the excellent results for all finishes, including paints, wallpapers and plasterwork.

2. Commercial

At Internal Affairs we have a wealth of experience in decorating commercial properties. We can decorate any type of commercial property, we can work flexibility to ensure that it doesn’t impact on your business whether this is evenings or weekends. We use high quality products that ensure longevity to our work in a high use environment. Give us a call so that we can visit your business and give you a quotation.

3. Interior

Don’t take our word for it regarding how good we are…

https://www.internalaffairsdecorating.uk/portfolio If you want to update your interior décor for the new year then we can help. If it’s gloss work, wallpapering or paintwork we cover all areas of interior decorating. Prior to any project starting, we discuss each customer's requirements in detail, to build a clear picture of want they want to achieve.

4. Exterior

Exterior decorating can be a challenge, let us take the stress and frustration out of it for you. We can organise equipment and materials so you don’t have to. Prior to starting, we ensure the area is safe, removing any garden furniture, plant pots or other hazards. Once the work is complete, the external area will be cleaned of any leftover materials and protective equipment.

5. Wallpapering

Wallpapering can be a challenge and not one that everyone is willing to undertake. It is great to cover up imperfections on a wall and a liner underneath can ensure that you still get a smooth finish. A statement wall looks fabulous and you can be as bold as you dare!! When hung correctly wallpaper gives stunning end results and can change the feel of the room quite dramatically. Although it doesn’t all need to be bold and beautiful you may prefer timeless elegance or something more understated which of course we also cater for, so whatever your requirements, if you need advice or someone to undertake your wallpapering give us a call.

6. Painting

We offer a range of services from interior to exterior work, summer houses, whole houses or just one room. So if its gloss, satinwood, emulsion, or masonry paint that you require we can help. To discuss your requirements get in touch...07972 816102


7. Repairs to wall and ceiling surfaces

Ensuring your walls and ceilings are in the best condition before any decoration begins will mean that you achieve fantastic results. We carry out minor and patch repairs, repairs to decorative plasterwork and woodwork. If you have any questions please give us a call 07972 816102.

8. Preparation

It’s all about the preparation, you can’t cut corners; thorough and meticulous preparation will give great results, so it’s time to get sanding and filling! The main factor with preparation is to have the correct equipment and time. Many people underestimate how long this element of decorating will take, but it is worth it in the end.

9. Think Outside the box

Don’t limit your creativity, mix colours and patterns and don’t be afraid to try something new this applies to interiors, exteriors, don’t be afraid to show who you are!

10. Special Effects

There are a range of special effects that are available, if you want to make a statement we can help you to achieve that. Have a look at our portfolio of work and give us a call to discuss your requirements. https://www.internalaffairsdecorating.uk/portfolio

11. Wood

Wood is beautiful, but it needs to be looked after, particularly in high traffic areas such as stairs and hallways. So if its skirting boards, doors or handrails that need attention we are the experts! We gloss, oil and varnish and everything in between, so if it’s brightening up gloss work or enhancing the grain of wood we can give you advice and guidance. Again preparation is key to achieve fantastic results. We can fill and sand in order to ensure we have the best surface to work on.

12. Upcycling furniture

Many people think at the time it would be great to upcycle a piece of furniture and have a ‘project’ but often it goes no further. I’m sure you’ve heard of the term shabby chic, sometimes it looks worse rather than better. It is important to consider the piece of furniture and where it is going, sometimes a lick of chalk paint and some varnish will do the job beautifully, but other times sanding and the correct varnish is more appropriate given the grain of wood or style of furniture.

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