Decorating a home office

With the increase in the number of businesses that offer flexible working, many people find they need a working space in their own home, even if it is only for a day or two a week. As you will still be spending a lot of time there it’s important to have a space that allows you to be creative and productive.

Organisation is key – it’s important to have a desk space and storage to avoid clutter and chaos. So the first task is to measure up – find what will fit and utilise the space you have.

Bold colours work well, you can decide if it’s just one wall or the whole space. If your budget is up to it then you can co-ordinate colours with your furniture. Think about the light in the room – this can influence where you put your screen to avoid reflections or sheens. A lamp is always useful for additional light or if you work after dark.

An ideas board is good for scribbles, planning and post it notes. Choose one that fits the space appropriately. Artwork on the walls can give you something pleasing to look at and can be sourced fairly cheaply from car boot sales, auction sites and local artists. Alternatively, a feature wall can look amazing – there is a variety of super cool wall paper out there to choose from or you can get creative yourself.

Finally why not get yourself a plant – even if its just a small succulent, it will bring a little bit of nature into your working environment.

If you need to decorate your home office and are stuck for ideas or need some inspiration then give us a call, we are happy to come and give you a quote, just give us a call on 07972 816102.

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