Decorating a Victorian house

Victorian houses are truly stunning, with period features and high ceilings they are a canvas to be worked with. These dream homes can be a challenge when decorating, bringing them into our modern age but keeping the charm of the period. It can be the biggest dilemma when renovating and difficult to know where to start. Of course it is down to personal choice at the end of the day, so think of this as our checklist of things to consider and if you still aren’t sure then give us a call, we are happy to provide advice and a quote.

Keep it neutral

Light and bright colours really will give the property a light feel and can be matched with soft furnishings of your choice. If you want to add a touch of colour this can be done with curtains or cushions. Neutral colours go with anything and will give the property a feel of space and brightness.


Most Victorian properties will have bay or sash windows – be sensitive towards this. Ripping them out and replacing them with PVC will lose the feel of the Victorian period. If you don’t like painting or renovating wooden windows we can help… just get in touch.


Renovate and keep original flooring where possible. Victorian houses may have a combination of tiles and wooden flooring. This is in line with the era but also practical for todays purposes, so consider sanding and re-varnishing floors or replacing tiles.


Cornicing was popular with the Victorians so if you are fortunate enough to have it in your home then it is worth renovating or replacing. It is a real feature of any room and draws the eye upwards.

High Ceilings

Make the most of the high ceilings in your Victorian property – use them to display art and pictures. These can be large and lovely pieces of modern artwork, just because you are in a Victorian property is doesn’t mean you can’t have modern artwork – it makes a lovely contrast.

Modern Vs Traditional

It is important to find a compromise that you are happy with. You can search car boots and antique auctions for appropriate or period pieces for your home. It is essential to remember that to pay homage to the era of your property doesn’t mean you can’t combine it with the modern day essentials!


Traditional fireplaces don’t need to be ripped out and replaced – they may just need a little TLC so get some expert advice on what can be done to use a fireplace. If it’s just for decorative purposes then a lick of paint can make an old fireplace look refreshed and beautiful.


Throughout the Victorian period the use of colours changed from neutrals to rich and vibrant colours. So if you love colour then this is the place to use it, from ruby reds to deep blue these luxurious colours will not be out of place.


As with colour wallpaper was also bold with floral and geometric patterns so it would be appropriate to use a modern day version to get any room looking fabulous.

Here to help

For those of you who would like some help getting your property looking perfect, just get in touch. We have extensive experience of repairing and replacing decorative plasterwork, smoothing out bumpy walls and hanging the most beautiful of bold wallpapers. To check our availability, call us on 07972 816102 or email us on We look forward to hearing from you.

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