Decorating on a budget

Decorating on a budget doesn’t mean that you need to use the cheapest product available as they often don’t give good results. What’s the saying? Buy cheap, buy twice? Well the same can apply to painting and decorating. If you buy cheap paint you may need to use twice as much to get a reasonable coverage so you end up not saving any money.

There’s no denying that decorating can be expensive, so how do you reduce costs without cutting corners? The best place to start is with a few picture and colour scheme ideas – sample pots are ideal for trying different colours before you buy. Looking through magazines and cutting out ideas – I like to stick them on the wall to give me a feel how they will suit the room. It is also good to calculate as accurately as possible when you have made a decision on how much you will need – this means that you are buying only what you need and are not wasting money on paint or other goods that won’t be used. Planning and research can help you find the products that you want at the best price. Checking local car boot sales or online groups can mean that you can source the piece of furniture you want at a fraction of the price. When buying second hand furniture be sure to give it a quality check – what condition is it in? How long will it last? Does it need fixing, painting, re-covering and consider these additional costs.

If you are not very confident at decorating and need to employ a decorator of course we are happy to give you a quote, but you may be able to recruit friends and family to help with the preparation which can be time consuming to reduce the end costs.

Rather than buying new furniture upcycling your current chest of drawers or dresser can also give a room a fresher feel. At Internal Affairs we can help you with this, so don’t hesitate to give us a call – it may be cheaper that you expected!

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