How to be brave and add colour into your home

If you walk into a show home, it will mainly be decorated in neutral tones. Developers are looking to appeal to the majority but this can become a bit bland. White walls look beautiful if they are adorned with vibrant artwork or pieces of furniture that stand out against a plain backdrop.Neutrals can be lovely, if a little boring. They are very safe, but can be clinical and may not reflect who you really are.

So why not take a leap of daring colour?!!! Feeling a little concerned – then read on!

There is no reason that you can’t decorate your home with colour and style, even a small room can be given depth and warmth with colour. You don’t have to go crazy with bold colours.

If you want some warmth then add ochre, reds, oranges, mustards and golds. For a cooler feel then greys, and blues. The most important thing is to choose colours that you like. If you are unsure then take a look at your wardrobe, what colours do you favour? Try some tester pots on the walls and create a mood board. Pinterest is fantastic for gathering ideas and for an electronic version, but if you want to see your the samples in your room then get a large piece of card and stick swatches of fabric, paint and ideas from magazines on the wall. These will help to give you a feel for what you prefer. When you are happy with you ideas, it’s time to get started…

The best and most cost effective way to add colour is to use paint, maybe just one wall to start with rather than the whole room, worst case scenario is you don’t like it and have to paint over it. Make sure you are comfortable with the colour before you splash out on buying wallpaper, new curtains, a new carpet, new sofa or all of the above!

If you would like to embrace colour in your home but don’t know where to start then give us a call. We are more than happy to give you some advice regarding possibilities, you can contact us on 07972 816102 or drop us an email at

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