How to design and decorate a small bedroom

A bedroom should be a haven, somewhere to relax and rest. Having a small bedroom doesn’t mean that you need to compromise this. Some space saving ideas, planning and creative decorating can ensure that a small room doesn’t feel claustrophobic.

A white room can give a feel of space and light, match with prints on the bedding and curtains to give tone and colour, without making it feel too busy.

Placing your bed against the window and/or wall also leaves space so you can find room for a bedside table and lamp.

Have a customised headboard – this can include a light and shelf which means you won’t need a bedside table. Shelves above the bed can utilise space. Alternatively, you can ditch the headboard altogether and board the whole wall – there are some amazing wooden effect wall papers that you can use to create this look.

You can mount lighting on the wall to ensure that you have a nightlight but without the need for a bedside table.

Bright wallpaper will make a statement wall and give a small room a focal point. Don’t be afraid to try it.

Beds with storage can reduce the need for more furniture as can storage boxes underneath the bed.

Day beds often have storage and can double up as a sofa when you’re not sleeping.

Mirrors can create the feel of space so are great in a small room.

Built in furniture such as book shelf or cupboards can make use of the space available and are great for unusual shape rooms.

Finally have a declutter! A small room will look smaller if it is choca block with nic naks.

If you are not sure where to start or are feeling a little overwhelmed then give us a call on 07972 816102, we can help.

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