Ideas for decorating Children’s Rooms

So children can change their minds pretty quick right?! Just when you’ve finished painting the room pink they’ve decided they don’t like that colour anymore! With our tips and ideas you can avoid these catastrophic and expensive mistakes…

  • Storage is important for all the toys and other nick knacks, so give this some thought before you start, old crates can be revamped and look great as well as practical and hard wearing.

  • Put their art work in the walls – frame your kids artwork and put it on the bedroom wall, it looks great and is age appropriate!

  • A blackboard wall is great – for doodling, letting them have fun and allowing them to be creative. Blackboard paint is widely available.

  • Stencils are great for an individual look and there are plenty out there to choose from, or if you are creative you can go freehand (if not give us a call!!).

  • It’s worth investing in durable paint – it’s going to get bashed and knocked.

  • Bunting and fairy lights add a great finishing touch.

  • If you don’t want to re-decorate every year keep it neutral and accessorise.

If you would rather that someone else took on this project for you, then give us a call on 07972 816102 or email us on, we will check availability and discuss ideas with you.

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