Predicted Influences for 2020

As we enter a new decade it’s time for us at Internal Affairs to reflect on all things decorating and look to the future. We don’t all follow trends, but most of us take pride in our homes and like to keep them original and a reflection of who we are and the lives we lead. There is an influence on updating rather than a complete overhaul, this is more cost effective and a way to change a look without spending a fortune.

Trends come and go, some stay for longer and some are just starting, here’s our predictions for 2020.


With an ever growing awareness around our environment and the planet we think this influence is gathering momentum and here to stay. This ranges from more sustainable products such as paints with less chemicals to recycling everything from floor boards to furniture. It doesn’t mean boring neutrals either, with a retro revival going on, it can be bright and glam. Rather than buying new, second hand furniture is not only made well but a little cheaper to buy. Patience is required to source items, try looking in second hand shops, markets and online, it can take time to find the perfect piece but so satisfying when you find it. Not just limited to interiors, many new builds now have a sustainable elements to them in their construction such as using rainwater for flushing toilets. We feel that this is an area that is going to grow and we hope to see an increase in sustainable products on the market.

Nordic simplicity

This look has been with us for a while but continues to be popular in 2020, with a focus on creating a calm environment. With warming neutrals to uplift and textiles to keep you cosy, the purpose it to have a space of retreat and relaxation. Beige is the base colour to work around, with warm yellow tones and natural materials such as wood, wool and leather with hints of colour tones. The key is to avoid cold grey and blue tones.


The focus is on natural colours with warmth rather than cold and loud colours. Nature has a dramatic palette of colours to work with just think sandy toes, ochre, warm orange tones, mossy greens. These colours can work on a neutral background to bring out your favourite tones and hues. Benjamin Moore’s colour of the year 2020 is ‘First Light’ (2102 70). ( ) Use this colour is an effortless way to optimise an air of sophistication into any area of your home.

Eclectic Elegance

Following on from our comments earlier about a Retro Revival it is possible to mix old and new, alongside colour to create a little glamour and elegance in your home. Furniture can form a centre piece, particularly if you have a fabulous sofa to work around. Colour can be a major player here as mentioned above but also working with metal can be an important factor whether this is on wallpaper or fixtures is entirely up to you – a dramatic lamp or mirror can look fabulous. Think rose golds, gold, silver to add that little bit of luxury and timeless elegance.

If you need some help or advice on any of these then give us a call for a free quotation.

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