Stylish Halls, Staircases and Landings

These areas are often considered the most difficult part of any property to decorate. Not only because of the height elements involved, but also because they are considered transient areas with high footfall but no staying power.

Why would you want to hang out in your stairwell?

A staircase provides the transition from one part of the house to another, leading from one space to another. However, they don’t have to be drab. Of course, you need to consider the space and what you want to achieve. Factors such as size and light will also have an impact.

Despite the practical purpose of a staircase in your home, they can be beautiful and make a statement.

It is a really good space to hang your favourite family photos or pictures, creating a gallery space. These photos or pictures can help to provide the theme and influence the decor. It can be made into a really colourful space with block colours or statement wallpaper.

You can use different runners to make a statement on the staircase. You can make a bold statement with modern art or a classic feel with a more traditional print.

Alternatively you could have a theme – such as nautical or black and white. So, if you want to change your staircase and find the options to overwhelming then give Teresa a call for some expert advice on 07972 816102.

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