Sustainable decorating ideas

Sustainability is on trend and also at the hight of world affairs and news at the moment. The key is to try and minimise our impact on the planet in terms of consumerism and waste. So here we have some ideas on what you can do at home to ensure that your interiors remain on trend but with the environment in mind…

Kitchens –A lick of paint and new handles can change the look of your current kitchen units without the cost of buying new ones. There is also thew option of just replacing the doors and reusing the shell of the cupboards if you must have a completely different look. If budget is not a consideration there are several kitchens available made of recycled materials.

Paint – there are several good quality environmentally friendly paints the don’t contain lead or other harmful chemicals that give as good a coverage as traditional paints – give us a call to discuss what your options are.

Buy second hand – You can source fabulous interiors from lamps to textiles and depending on your budget you can sources items from car boot sales to antique shops and auctions.

Do your research – there are many eco products out there and as we understand more about our impact on the planet the range of products broaden. So whatever it is you desire, then research to see if there is an eco alternative available, this can include materials used, manufacturing and waste.

Update, refresh and get crafty – are there ways you can update what you currently have? Can you update an old chest of drawers with varnish or paint rather than buy a new one.

Sell or donate your unwanted items – rather than throw away old pieces of furniture or appliances can you sell them on for a few pounds or donate them to a local charity? I once free cycled a friends kitchen for them rather than letting them throw all of their old units away. It went in 2 days and someone else benefitted from a new kitchen too.

There are many online sites which will allow you to recycle items. Recently I put something on Facebook and offered it for free, it had been collected within 24 hours and I had a waiting list of people who would have liked it.

Being sustainable includes what you dispose of as well as what you purchase. Bit if you can take your time, you can often find some great items for a fraction of the cost.

If you decide that you are not confident enough to repurpose your items and would like some assistance in decorating them, we have a wealth of experience in up-cycling pieces of furniture. We would be happy to to give you some costs for thins, just give us a call on 07972 816102.

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