Update your dated décor to sell your property

According to GoCompare Home Insurance, some of the biggest turn-offs for potential property buyers are damp, bad smells, poorly kept homes and homes that are in broadband blackspots.

While this may seem like common sense to most people, you would be surprised to find out that just under a quarter (24%) of buyers said they would be put-off by an outdated kitchen while 22% would find an old fashioned bathroom a total turn-off.

Poor maintenance and an unkempt appearance were also red-flags to potential buyers; 46% would be put off by a dirty property, 31% by broken or rotten boundary walls or fences, 17% by an overgrown garden and 15% by cluttered rooms.

GoCompare’s Home Insurance spokesperson, Ben Wilson said: “Buying a home is a major investment and most people are put off by outdated properties or those in a poor state of repair. While dated décor can be remedied easily and relatively cheaply, major flaws from poor maintenance or badly botched DIY can be expensive to put right. In particular, if a property shows evidence of damp – whether it’s a stain or mouldy smell – it’s a warning sign, which depending on the cause, could be costly to repair.”

Many design aspects of a property such as the décor can easily be changed to suit the individual’s tastes. But people need to see beyond the peeling wallpaper and dirty walls. Fresh paint and a de-clutter can help to sell your home – it’s important that the potential buyer can see themselves in your home. A neutral colour scheme will allow the potential buyer to focus on the space rather than the décor, people can be put off strong or dramatic colour schemes. More often than not potential buyers are looking for somewhere they can move into straight away without having to decorate, if they don’t like your wallpaper or colours they can very quickly be put off. You don’t need to spend a fortune but focusing on points such as décor can help you to achieve your asking price. A freshly decorated room looks fresh, brighter, lighter and cleaner…so what are you waiting for, give us a call for a quotation.

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