Zoning a room

Zoning is a method used to divide up a space, splitting the area into different functions. For example, if you have a large lounge you may want to divide the space into a social area to watch the TV, and a quiet space for reading. If you have a family, you may want to create a play area for your children. This method can help to keep your home functional and practical, it’s perfect for those of you that work from home, enabling you to create a work space that doesn’t overlapping with your living space and vice versa.

Prior to starting you need to consider the functional elements of the room. Furniture can be used to zone a room – a sofa is great for dividing space; shelving units also work or an aquarium if you are lucky enough to have one and want to create a dramatic divider. Other items that also help to define the use of a room include the lighting and the use of rugs.

Using wallpaper is another excellent method of creating different zones in a room. It clearly defines one space from another. It is also fairly inexpensive as you are only wallpapering a smaller area, it will provide a solid area of colour of texture that stands out from the rest of the room. Prints or textured wallpaper are excellent for this. Before you start, measure the space accurately to ensure that you purchase the right amount of materials and get started.

If wallpapering isn’t for you then painting the area can also work with zoning by choosing a contrasting colour. If you need advice or help with zoning them give us a call.

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